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January 30th, 2018, 13:58
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Well top-down world building has its advocates, but it's a lengthy process to build a believable and sufficiently detailed world. Why not license an already existing medieval fantasy setting that is well-developed and realistic? Hârn, for example, or Tékumel.
The world of Tékumel is fantastic, but also very exotic and not related to traditional high-fantasy. I would really like to see a game in this very unique world, but I strongly doubt it could be successful at all.

Licensing existing IPs is a lot of legal work and the process is very time and energy consuming. We once tried to do that (before our creative director was aboard), but after a couple of emails we realized it doesn't go anywhere.

Using other companies' licenses also comes with potential risks for your product in long-term. Many D&D and LotR related games had to be removed from the market in the last years because the licensing expired.
Since we plan to extend our game world over years (if financially viable), we need the guarantee to fully own all involved rights.
Realms Beyond
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