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May 5th, 2013, 00:17
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How does it break immersion? Read my previous post. Nothing at all in MMO stories breaks immersion because you usually never know what the other players are doing. Just because you see other adventurers in the game world doesn't mean they are all soulless, or all the chosen one destined to save the world. Use your imagination a little.
Don't you mean it doesn't break immersion for YOU?

You know that players are running around doing exactly the same world-changing events as you are - and you can often SEE them doing it. Dozens of people running along the exact same path as you - killing the exact same mobs for the exact same reason.

I've gotten used to it, partially, but it's still an immersion-breaker from time to time.

It's key to appreciate that other people respond differently to these things without them being wrong about it.




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