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May 5th, 2013, 01:33
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Why would you be sticking around to watch others kill the named spider, though? Wouldn't you be running back to the quest giver at that point? Usually the game gives you enough time to get out of there before things respawn that you wouldn't notice something like this.
I'm not sticking around watching others - it's just the kind of thing that will happen.

I don't go turning in each quest as I complete it, I tend to complete all quests at once and THEN return. Which means this kind of thing happens quite often.

Seeing people kill the named spider I just killed could potentially bother me, but I haven't experienced that yet in my time with LOTRO.
You're probably pretty good at not seeing these things in general. I have that feeling about you

An example of something funny. I did a quest to rescue someone's pet raven. I did the quest and saved the raven. A few minutes letter I went back to that location in order to grind some reputation items, and the raven was back in the spot I had just saved it from.

You run across stuff like that a lot in the game, I'll admit. If that bothers you then I could see where you're coming from.
Nah, it's not that big of a deal. You must understand, I've played MMOs for at least 15 years - and I've seen the genre evolve and devolve.

I consider this kind of thing a relatively minor issue - and I think the people most bothered by it are the people with the least experience playing MMOs. The same kind of people who resist playing because it used to be subscription only - and who suck so bad at math they think it's a bad deal even if you enjoy the game

You get used to these things - but they don't go away entirely. Not for me, anyway.

The more emphasis they put on the player as the key in the story - the worse it gets. Some games solve it by putting everything story-related in instances where no other player can participate - like they did in SWtOR, but it still doesn't quite work.

Like I said, I've still been impressed by the immersion level I've experienced with LOTRO. Let's say this, the developers have done a pretty good job of hiding the inconsistencies. And what they couldn't fully hide usually just doesn't bother me much. Your mileage may vary, of course.
LOTRO is one of the better MMOs - even despite the many flaws.

I have many issues with the game, but I won't dwell on them. No reason to drag it down when you're enjoying it so much




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