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October 31st, 2013, 10:07
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I have never understood the 'takes too much time/effort to create and manage' argument. We ARE talking about Role Playing Games right? Not arcade games and ideally we should not even be dragging ANY real time games into the discussion about RPGs so thinking, planning and managing character development is kind of a requisite.
While CRPGs have another focus than pen and paper RPGs the focus is normally not on combat, tactics and stats. The more characters you have, the less you get invested into each of them individually.

And while lots of people would maybe enjoy having more characters to manage, I am quite sure that the majority would prefer less or would use these "auto level up"-option in these games because they are mainly playing it for the story.

The "train" you mentioned has some appeal for sure. But if I think back to Dragon Age, it's not all advantages coming from that.
In Dragon Age I wanted to do all character's story. And while talking to them again and again was fine, some times you are "forced" to use a character so you can do his story. And then you had to go into his skills and use all the skillpoints he saved up during the time. And well…the reason for not taking him into my party was because I didn't like him and didn't want to "invest" in him.
So with that train idea you would not give the player the chance to "sort out" the characters he doesn't want to use. This again isn't that much of a deal if the system is extremely simple (very few skills and usable abilities) like in Jagged Alliance (just to also mention where a system with tons of characters works well, but then again it's focus is on tactics), but if you have a system like in the TDE games where you spend an eternety on each level up and then you are forced to spend tons of time into characters you don't want to play, that's probably not very motivating.
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