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October 31st, 2013, 19:50
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I think we're largely saying the same thing, but with a different spin. You're basically agreeing that the "average player" isn't going to take the class outside the traditional fighter/thief/healer/caster core. Something like that will be done on a replay, again excepting a small handful of masochists. Given that very few games actually get replays from the vast majority of gamers these days, there's not much return on the investment of developer resources. Particularly here, with a game being designed from the ground up as opposed to one structured on a well-known ruleset, folks aren't going to get too tricky on their first run. If there are 4 slots, those will go to the traditional core functions. It's an unwritten contract- the developer will make a game that utilizes those 4 roles and the player will supply those 4 roles or suffer for their obstinance.
True, especially since Wiz8 hides a lot of information from the player, especially noobs. It takes some experimenting until you find out that a Bard can hold his position in the grid and do ok melee damage with the right equipment and stat point allocation. I mean, if you've only read the manual, you might think that intelligence is a great stat for Bards because it factors into their music skill.

If there are 6 slots, then you've got 2 slots available for hybrids and/or specials.
Unfortunately, yes. It's on the same level with games giving you 4 character slots and 4 character classes - you can go with something other than 1/1/1/1, but don't say we didn't warn you.




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