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October 31st, 2013, 22:13
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Well, it depends on what kind of game it is, in a game like Ogre Tactics, it is fine to have more party members where each combat is one big thing, but if there is a lot of smaller combat against rats and such, then 8 is way too big, because if each small combat takes a long time it is going to get old fast.
Possibly but this can EASILY be avoided with good game design. As PCs gain experience they should become increasingly immune to lower level creatures attacking (either via them running the other direction or simply ignoring the PCs or some such). Wizardry 8 has the most notoriously bad level-scaling spawning of random monster patrols but you CAN avoid most of them with some patience and logistical skills.

As long as the battle is not a complete waste of time for me (which, as I said is easily avoidable in game design) I love it. Combat in 'small party' CRPGs tends to bore me. I spend the whole battle thinking "It's a shame I had to take the same character 3/4 times. Would have been nice to have more strategy…".

So in short your issue here has nothing to do with party size but rather with how long RPG combats can take.
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