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October 31st, 2013, 22:21
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While CRPGs have another focus than pen and paper RPGs the focus is normally not on combat, tactics and stats. The more characters you have, the less you get invested into each of them individually.

And while lots of people would maybe enjoy having more characters to manage, I am quite sure that the majority would prefer less or would use these "auto level up"-option in these games because they are mainly playing it for the story.
Disagree all around. For starters, whatever you mean by this 'emotional investment' in characters I fear has little relevance to CRPGs at all (but this is a whole other debate about the definition of the term "role playing game".). Maybe I am a special case but I and most other (C)RPG fans that I know of have no difficulty being just as interested in each of our 6-8 characters as tio each other character. This is easily evidenced by how hard it is for us to play 'Ironman' style and allow members to die without re-loading a save.

Not sure about how many of which type of gamer prefers which number of characters to control and I try to avoid the argumentum ad populum and 'arguments from anonymous authority' myself so…
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