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May 30th, 2013, 16:31
Rather than a delicious, engaging adventure that yielded the best rewards as its difficulty scaled, the biggest problem with Diablo 3 was how the Auction House drove all of the game's long-term systems. The very best loot didn't drop regularly enough for even the most diligent player, so they were forced to farm gold or pay out actual cash for the gear they wanted. This reliance on the Auction House even crippled the game's campaign
Sorry, I don't get where all this supposed reliance on the auction house comes from. I finished the game (completed inferno) without touching either auction house, trading with another player, or even getting help from another player. It was just my demon huntress and templar and any items I found/crafted/bought from NPC merchants along the way. And I'm very far from a skilled player.
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