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February 28th, 2010, 21:21
while the story isn't great, hard to live up to the first, its full of a lot more emotion than its predecessor though considering some of the lead designers are female, while most gamers not, its not suprising it gets lambasted. to me paupers paup and grace where 2 of the best level and character in either bioshock. it definately wasn't the masterpiece as the first but for me no sequel is no matter how good ala gothic 2. also for those thinking the backstory which was there wasn't enough, you really should have checked out the flash site something in the sea before hand or even now. even if you don't attempt the insanely hard puzzles the artifcats, letters, and voice recordings, and a host of characters add an unpresedented amount of free content pre game. most sadly seems to have not trickled into bioshock 2 itself save the protaganist of the site mark metzler who has a number of audio diares in bioshock 2. i will be thrilled if the single player dlc has something to do with the other characters from the site as they were in some ways better than most of the bioshock 2 characters. bottom line though is bioshock had a typical hero/revenge bad guy(s) theme that most game players eat up. the 'good' ending in bioshock 2 had themes of mercy and altruism—sadly not traits vauled by most people let alone game players, especially shooters…so conscious or not that has to impact mosts view or feelings towards the game because in the end it added better level design, weapons, splicers all the while somehow being a shorter and less intense (horror, awe, wonder) than the first. wait for the price to go down if you're not a diehard bioshock fan, but if you pass on the game your doing your self a disservice.
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