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January 7th, 2008, 21:31
Finished off the Sandman series. Now there's something that gets better as it goes along: three of the last four volumes were superb, and the penultimate one (The Kindly Ones) is really, really hard to beat in any medium. Wow. Very very highly recommended!

Also picked up and read "Lucifer: The Devil At The Gate," a Sandman spin-off. It was surprisingly good, although I suppose it would be hard to go wrong with a comic about the Captain of the Hosts of Heaven (dishonorably discharged), Lord of Hell (retired), and best nightclub pianist in Los Angeles (and almost certainly the world.)

Starting with Stiglitz's "Making Globalization Work" next.

PS. @magerette, I'm thrilled you liked The Algebraist. Iain M. Banks is somewhat addictive, though, so be warned…
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