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January 11th, 2008, 17:07
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The good thing about Harry Potter - and to a lesser extent the Eragon books - is the amount of kids reading them. Despite declining trends worldwide in terms of reading, these books have helped slow that decline. For our kids, they have led to curiosity to read other stuff in and out of the genre.
Absolutely. Anything that gets kids to line up in front of a damn bookstore is worthy of a big tip of the hat in and of itself. I just didn't like it much myself, and I was speculating that most people who have read more than a couple of fantasy books might feel the same.

Perhaps the only thing that annoys me about Pottermania is that IMO there are a quite a few books out there that are much, much better and at least as well suited for kids. But, as you say, getting into reading through Potter makes it much more likely for a kid to grab one of them than never getting into reading at all.
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