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February 12th, 2013, 22:05
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I've just received my copy of Dark Souls for the PS3 and I'd like to ask some feedback. I get that if you die once, you need to recover your souls from your previous place of death. But if you die without recovering them, are they really lost forever? Because if they are, then, damn. That's harsh as hell. I already died twice loosing all souls I had on me. And it sucks that regular demons respawn as you're trying to recover your body.
Well, I think my character is gimped. I'm constantly getting my ass handed to me by two skeletons right after exiting the firelink shrine. I can't even seem to kill one, before they slaughter me. They're fast as hell. I'm constantly rolling around trying to evade, but I've no chance. I've not felt this frustrated ever since I played Severance - Blade of Darkness. Oh, well I guess I should start anew since I lost about 2500 souls so far, and that's about 3 levels lost.

EDIT: Yeah, I just watched a walkthrough and it seems I missed a path, and heading through the graveyard is way above my level. Good to know.
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