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March 15th, 2013, 22:33
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I won't recommend Queelag's Furysword unless you have +10 Humanity constantly to maximize its damage, which means you shouldn't die at any cost instead, a good +15 Dex weapon (i.e. with S scaling) and you're good to go. I think QFS is a good weapon over all but does its best with certain encounters.

Another good class to start with is the Pyromancer: you can easily go for a STR or, even better, MAG build (which rocks in DkS). Also, fire damage right from the start is a plus.
Thanks for the tip - my Queelag's Furysword is now replaced with a +15 Balder Side Sword. What a wicked combination with my Dex build. A nasty weapon that does awesome damage very quickly. Took down Artorias of the Abyss in Oolacile with it MUCH quicker than my other weapons ever had a chance.

I've been pretty much finished with my first playthrough for a while now (currently level 104). I'm going through the Oolcacile add-on before I finish up the game and start a NG+. Fun times!
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