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September 11th, 2013, 06:58
Originally Posted by mikloy View Post
This would more accurately be written as "one of my favorite RPGs of all time," as it lacks any quantifiable metrics or critical analysis that would make an opinion article anything more than baseless hyperbole. "It has a lot of content and you will die if you don't prepare to fight in boss battles." Who's that supposed to convince?

I'm surprised when Kotaku is linked as though it is more meaningful than anyone's own personal opinion. The author is a fodder-like freelancer journalist with seemingly no relevance, experience, or credibility that would make him special.

It wouldn't surprise me if this article was sponsored by Atari in anticipation for the release of BGII:EE, which isn't worth buying if at all similar to the "enhancement" featured in prequel. Modders did better work for free.
Fist the Stardock article now this. When did you become so jaded? Just remember your opinion matters just as much as Kotaku. As the article is an opinion piece.
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