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August 19th, 2008, 22:35
Well some of those points are really valid.

1- If he actually did read the manual, then he would not have made some of his complaints

2- If he understood that The Witcher is based on the books and the main character of those books, then he couldn't complain about the character customization in the game.

3- Somewhat valid. With the enhanced edition so close to release, and solving many of his problems with the game, it was kind of lame to start complaining now about the game. If he made his "Review" shortly after the game came out, it would be one thing, but to make this "Review" so close to the huge changes being made, is kind of stupid.

4- The game plays great at lowest settings on a min required system. Not sure why he was having problems.

5- I disagree with this. The game was great right from the beginning. So if he didn't like the game from the beginning, then his complaint about that is justified according to his opinion.
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