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August 20th, 2008, 01:41
This changes nothing what i think of him.

1. Doh?! well maybe i'm just old fashioned if i don't expect everything to be handled for me on a plate .

2. I had never read any witcher book before playing the game and still had the best rpg experience of last year. Sure now after playing..i'm going to read them all when they have been translated.

3. A valid point, but during these days..its pretty useless to whine about patches. Witcher had few issues, but none of them were a same caliber as bugs in g3 for example. First thing i'll do after buying a game is to check online if there is a patch available. Ignoring a present patch is only idiotic.

4. Pc gaming has always been like this. Some games require more horsepower than others. And witcher had great many optimise options for scaling eye candy down.

5. I still don't get this argument. I loved the game from the begining. The first level is really stunning. the opening chapter is really moving the storyline forward and it presents you the main characters ect.. I agree that the game is more or less linear at this point, but I was so sucked in the gameworld that I hardly noticed it.
Witcher simply isn't for everyone and thats why it is such a marvelous game. The reviewer didn't like it for some reason or an other, but reasoning it with false facts (argument nr5 aside) is unintelligent.
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