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November 5th, 2017, 23:53
Ty guys for your comments!
@joxer Ive played grandia 2 as well and i liked that game as well. I think i love the first one more because its more lighthearted, its about two teenagers who decide to go on adventures together and eventually fall in love. The second one has much darker and serious story.

@wolfing Oh it was the same for me until i decided to replay the game recently

@Damian Yes you are right i just think somehow that ending was weak. I finally understand what they wanted with the ending but it wasnt well executed.

When Justin finally gets the spirit sword and goes there and saves Feena she doesnt even says ty and she doesnt even seem glad to see him again after she said goodbye to him because she thought she wont see him again.

Its really a pity since the game till then was really good.
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