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January 6th, 2021, 13:41
Yeah, my concern is less with speed runners (people always find ways to exploit loopholes) but that so much other stuff is broke because they broken the 'action economy'. Movement is one part of it, but things like misty step (which are legit) already allow you to get places you probably shouldn't be… I don't mind that - it's more that if you get there, and engage an enemy that should be death, you somehow survive purely because of broken mechanics. Too may things are bonus actions or have no consequences. And 'dippable' weapons are super cheesy - usually any kind of elemental damage on a weapon is costly - spell or the weapon has innate magic (and costs a fortune). Making that free is just silly.

I think part of the issue is they want big fights that seem overly threatening - and to make sure you can have your spectacle and survive, they have to pepper the world with exploding whatever's and allow you ample opportunities to sneak about and ambush/shove/leap away etc I agree that jumping to disengage is really wrong - disengage should be all you can do, unless you are a rogue with cunning action (bonus action) or …a goblin ('nimble escape')!
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