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January 7th, 2021, 14:53
Let me first say that this is just my opinion. There is a lot of stuff I agree with in this thread. First being, the 6 character party. There are a lot of great combinations of classes but you are almost forced to take a Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, and Mage. The in-between characters are not explored. Even Larian said that when you play early access try something you wouldnt normally play. Likely because they realize without more than 4 slots there are some classes that just won't be played. Six character opens up options outside of the critical 4 classes with an additional 2 support characters. Since there is another class coming with release, it will make choosing your character class and the the other three "companions" a little more difficult. Games with six characters have been successful in the past. I would like to see it back. If we cannot have six characters, then allow us to tweak the classes of the companions, or allow us to modify the classes of the existing characters so that only their personalities remain.

Next, I agree with the ability to see dice roll mechanic play out within combat. As Fextralife stated, it is something that Solasta does very well. It definitely adds to the tabletop experience.

Last, I cannot wait to see what talented modders will do to this game. As was mentioned earlier modders changed POE II to Turn based and it made it a better game in my opinion. Of course there's always the porn cut scenes that are bound to come out as well to look forward to…. LOL.

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