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January 7th, 2021, 17:06
Originally Posted by Arkadia7 View Post
I'd like a BG 3 that doesn't look close to a Divinity Original Sin series cut and paste job in terms of the graphics. Oops, too late for that. I'd rather play Divinity Original Sin with its awesome combat system instead, tbh. To me, BG 3 also looks way too over the top and cheesy in terms of the "dark" world and story line. (you have tadpoles/parasites in your head and mind flayers as super villian, how is that interesting?? not to me) (I have not played it, it lost my interest a while ago)
What do you mean "in terms of graphics"? That's one of the areas they normally excel in, what part don't you like which is "copy pasted"? The only feature I'm not fond of is the way those characters dance when idle during combat, which is a bit ridiculous, but it's not a big issue, otherwise I find it gorgeous.

As for the story line, the plot directly involves the player with an immediate problem to solve: removing the tadpole. Then along the way, other considerations are discovered and the plot gets deeper. It's quite classical and very effective, I'd rather see that than a remote, high-level issue which flies over the head of the player because it's too abstract.

Don't forget that they only reveal a small part of the story in the EA, it will grow. It was exactly the same in D:OS2, your first concern was saving your life on the ship, then escaping Fort Joy, hardly a "save-the-world"-class story. It comes along the way.
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