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February 22nd, 2021, 13:39
Originally Posted by Silver View Post
Those presenters are super rehearsed. I'd bet they focus tested the presentation too.
They didn't want a repeat of the Diablo Immortal announcement where they practically got booed out of their own convention.

Originally Posted by JFarrell71 View Post
I never played 1 or 2, but I played 3 and I was shocked at how easy it was. This isn't a brag. It practicall played itself. I could just sit there and let mobs attack me for a minute at a time and I was fine. I had played and liked Grim Dawn so I figured I'd give a Diablo a shot. It was incredibly boring because it was so easy.
Diablo 3 when first released was absolutely impossible. You would have to grind for hours looking for loot, or drop hundreds of dollars on the real-money auction house, and you would have to team up with elite players who had made similar investments if you wanted to have any chance at all of beating the later bosses. Players complained and Blizzard completely changed the game over the years.

I haven't played in a couple of years at least, but last time I checked the game was focused on seasons, where you restart your characters at level 1, and you have a couple of months to play through the main game and the expansion to earn that season's latest ridiculously overpowered gear that you use to blast Hell's mightiest legions into tiny chunks.
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