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February 22nd, 2021, 16:10
Originally Posted by screeg View Post
I think I'm alone in liking the first game best.
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I liked D1 the best too. […]
I could never get into D2. I didn't like how it was so obviously geared towards farming for drops, and I hated how all the enemies respawned when you loaded a save.
Originally Posted by largh View Post
Yes, the first one was fantastic back then. The second one where the popularity of MMOs began. I played it through but had the same problems with it as JDR..
Originally Posted by wiretripped View Post
This reflects my opinion perfectly. I finished D1 multiple times in successive runs, until on NG++++* my inventory was completely filled with gold and I was unable to pick up anything else.

But D2 I dropped after 30 mins or so. I simply can't deal with so much grind and respawn.

I also thought that I was the only one. Me and the boys played the hell out of D1 in LANs back in the days. We were sooo hyped for D2. (CP77 hype doesn't even come close.)
When it was finally there I was utterly disappointed. However my friends liked it better that D1. I never understood them.

But now I can finally rest. I'm not the (only) weird one.
We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
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