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July 28th, 2008, 02:31
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Let me correct you here. There was no rumor. I remember quite clearly that Mythos and I didnīt leave much doubt that we already knew it, although we didnīt have a quotable source. So the point isnīt that it was "a rumor" but rather that the Larian community didnīt want to hear it. You guys had the info 11 months ago.

Hereīs a big fat well-deserved "We told you so!"
Donīt come p***ng on my gate here.

This one time olde Al is 100% correct:
No evidence - no fact!
No fact - no "told you so"!

Whatīs been there?
Just a few barren lines in a bigger press release on that dtp had signed some Belgian studio for developing an RPG.
Do you know the whole Belgian market and its players?
Could have been anyone.


P.S.: Another question:
Why didnīt you make it an official news bit here back then!?
Seems not only the Larian community wasnīt listening to you… or trusting in your speculations.

Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
Because that is the way game marketing usually works. You have an official "unveiling" via an exclusive magazine deal just before a major trade show.
Erm, yes … theoretically.
If there would be something like a "marketing" for "Divinity 2".
Seen any lately… or rather at all?
I only saw a big bad black whole of information for several years.

Iīm not sure whether the mentioned preview now would qualify as real "unveiling".
And it remains to be seen if the Larians come up with the "exclusive magazine deal" later today, when they (hopefully) start their big apologize run in the community.

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