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June 12th, 2019, 14:43
Originally Posted by BoboTheMighty View Post
V is getting help from a group of "net-tunners" named the Voodoo Boys.

Originally Posted by BoboTheMighty View Post
"Where's Johnny?"

You can use perk points earned on level-ups to upgrade a number of categories: blades, rifles, handguns, assassination, cold-blood, sniper rifles, engineering, hacking, shotgun melee, two-handed, and maybe one more I didn't have time to write down. The level-up skill tree is a branching thing that looks like a motherboard almost, with cables going out from the center.

Perks also affect dialogue options.

NPCs will interject with quick lines while they wait for you to choose a dialogue option.

You have the choice to incapacitate the agent, ask him to back up the claim, use your Street Kid option to relate to the Voodoo Boys, and a few others.
RPG confirmed.

A loading screen was shown just for fast travel. Again, you can otherwise go through the entire game without loading screens.
Optimized code instead of Ubisoft bloatware confirmed.

Originally Posted by vurt View Post
FZ.se did a walkthrough of the demo too. They though the combat looked better than last year but really disliked the boss fight.

"You can finish Cyberpunk 2077 without killing anyone"
1+1=2 aka FZ disliked the fact the game is finishable without kills.
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