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June 12th, 2019, 17:05
Originally Posted by Kordanor View Post
Cool article, didn't know 7 Mages before and might give it a try, looks cool.

I think Legend of Grimrock could have been highlighted as this one is "the one" game which basically revived the whole genre. Whether I like it or not, it earned some credit for that.

I was a bit surprised you ignored pretty much all of it's clones, which have the same lack of quality in exploration. I mean there are quite few blobbers which have rather uninspired levels full with enemies, but nothing really interesting to look forward to.
I'd see Fall of the Dungeon Guardian as one of them, but that one at least has an interesting take on the combat system which actually works rather good (despite me disliking RTwP).

Of course there are other blobbers missing here, but I guess you also had to limit the list at some point.

I think Lands of Lore (was briefly mentioned) and Stonekeep (was not mentioned at all) could have received a bit more praise. In my opinion these games also brought the genre a bit more into the mainstream. They focused more on story and had a rather high production quality, voice overs and so on.

And you didn't mention the original Realms of Arkania Trilogy. First released in 1992 with Blade of Destiny, which was even before Wizardrdy 7. I think it was the first game with such a huge scope, and such a feeling of adventuring and exploration. I mean you could even stumble upon whole dungeons which were completely optional.

Last but not least, I also recommend MMX. Haven't played Operenica yet, which seems to be great as well, but so far I'd say that MMX is the best modern blobber.
You are quite correct about Grimrock. I originally intended to include it, but after going through all the games in this article, I thought including action combat blobbers, of which there are actually quite a few, would have made for an overly long article. Also I've only played Grimrock, Grimrock 2, (both of which I finished) and Ruzar the Lifestone, Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master, Stone Prophet, and Strahd's Possession (none of which I actually managed to finish). So there was the added problem of me not feeling that I had enough authority to discuss these kinds of games.
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