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June 12th, 2019, 22:51
As the classic games are pretty much finished at this point I was considering to start them as well and got a couple of questions:

1. You were talking about keeping a slot open for summons. But they aren't anything necessary or something which you carry over from game to game, right?
2. How do you actually carry over characters? YOu just export and import them? Didn't see a savegame import feature or something similar upon starting bt3.
3. Is my assumption correct that sone stats like INT are completely useless on Warriors and STR are completely usless on Casters?
4. The "normal" mode is exactly the same as the legacy mode if you unselect everything?
5. As you have 7 slots, would it be viable to just take all classes except the monk (He sounds the least interesting to me) and all races?
6. I saw weird stuff regarding spellcasters becoming arch mages and that you should not become a Wizard as the level more slowly…so how does that work? Is that even true in this remastered version? Do all casters eventually become Arch mages?
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