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November 25th, 2012, 21:38
I haven't noticed anything globably myself. I thought some of the lower (pre-50 level) skills were going a bit faster but I am playing a new character in a different way so I thought it just might be what I am doing.

I know Illusion went up every time my Orc cast muffle … but it also used his entire mana bar so I assumed it had to do with that. As I went up in illusion and got more mana it went from a skill up for every cast to like every 5 … and so on. on the other hand Restoration is SLOOOOOWWWW it never seems to go up even though I am healing myself a lot and using wards.

Sneaking the draugr in the barrows can cause rapid increases to sneak … but again at the lower levels. I tend to always have the thief stone on since it is my favorite skill group so that probably makes some difference.

Anyhow a few skills seem to be a bit faster at lower levels but they slowed down as I got higher. I wrote it off to just playing a new type of character in a different way (my Orc "paladin")
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