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December 6th, 2012, 20:50
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Eh, I was under the impression that Newegg would also assemble it for you, LOL. I definitely don't want to build one if I have to put it together myself. I will just buy a pre-built one and upgrade where necessary.
Its actually not that difficult to put it together, I've assembled my rigs the last decade
Its like LEGO but with bigger and more expensive parts :-)

on a cost- efficiency ratio, some years ago you had to pay 3* times the price for a laptop with similar performance as a desktop. The gap is narrower now but you still get way more for your gaming money with a desktop with handpicked parts.
Toms hardware sometimes gives examples of how to build a gaming rig for different budgets.

Man, am I way OT ;-)
Its a dear subject…

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