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March 4th, 2013, 00:36
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@jhwisner: I'm totally calm, don't get me wrong. And Dajjer did say he quit after the Kayran and because of QTEs, unless I misread something. Plus I read and heard others say this elsewhere.
Yeah I meant that with regard to the traps in Risen 2 - they're better and purer examples of bad QTEs.. The Kayran is not nearly as bad of a QTE use on its own - its the (at launch at least) unskippable cutscene leading up to the fight from the nearest possible save that magnified that one. In that case, the problem was somewhat less the QTE being unforgiving or poorly designed as it was that you had to repeat the cutscene and the walk down to the pit area each time you reloaded. While not incredibly long, it was long enough and repetitive enough that I could easily see someone getting into a spiral of frustration - getting angrier and less likely to pull off the QTEs after each failed attempt to the point where continuing would not be productive.

For that example then I do think it is certainly possible to understand why someone would sour towards the game and stop playing. It also makes perfect sense that the thing they'd remember as the problem was the QTE that initially caused them to have to repeat that cutscene over and over. Still I'd call that someone quitting over a scene that combined an abitrarily unskippable narrative sequence and unfortunate save system implementation exposed by a QTE rather than just quitting because the QTE got in the way. I wouldn't consider it to be extreme overreaction to put the game down over that scene, but it is probably insufficient to say it was just because the QTE was annoying - it was also the worst place in the entire game to end up being annoyed by a QTE.
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