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April 18th, 2013, 16:02
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Well in my opinion(Is that better for you) many new releases on the pc are steam only. Even if you buy from somewhere else. You will still have to use Steam. The only way around that is a crack.
I have no problem accepting this as a fact; but I wouldn't call it a monopoly yet. Not as long as there is a substantial number of games coming out that don't use Steam. Among these, I would certainly count all (usually smaller or indie) games that will come out in the near future that make a point about not using Steam - after all, it takes some time for such resistance to materialize.

Personally making games a service has no benefits for me but many for publishers and developers.
It's your decision if you don't find "the services" Steam offers to be worth the trade-offs; services you wouldn't otherwise get (if you bought the game w/o Steam support).




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