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April 18th, 2013, 19:24
Another wrench in this whole debate is this:

If the new xbox will require 'always on' will Microsoft still charge an annual fee to connect your xbox to their servers? I haven't read anything that they will or they won't, but my gut tells me they absolutely will! That's an on-going fee on top of your xbox purchase and ISP fees. That would be yet one more reason for me NOT to buy a new xbox.

I'd have big problems with this. First because of the aforementioned fact that I'm paying full price for something I won't have any control over - and then I'd have mud flung in my eye to pay for that absence of control annually.

Secondly, my ISP costs me enough, I don't want to pay more just to connect my xbox to MS's servers when Sony and Nintendo do this for free (at least so far).
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