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Default How the story went

February 28th, 2008, 18:16
As I understood from the devs' posts on the Iron Lore website the story went like this:

TQ was the first project of a new independent developer studio - THQ gave them quite a lousy contract, but better a lousy one than no contract. THQ financed the development.

TQ sold very well and THQ asked for a simple and small Add-on (Think Hellfire), but Iron Lore wanted to more, so they financed the expenses mostly themselves (on credit).

TQ-Immortal Throne sold somewhat okayish but not great - so they couldn't pay back their loans with their share of the sales alone.

THQ stopped their financing of further patches (IL started to code them themselves, but couldn't finish them) and IL neared bancrupcy.

So IL helped getting Dawn of War - Soulstorm out of the door to buy some time for a new contract for their next project, but they failed and had to close down.

Sad story - nearly the same as the fate of Troika!




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