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Default Risen 2 (not performance!) bugs

April 30th, 2012, 12:53
I've already noticed one then checked the official forum, and they numbered a few of them.

1. Voodoo quests get mixed up if you didn't bring all items needed to Slick before summoning the ancestor. It's not a gamestopper, while you don't see in the log what are you really supposed to do, if you bring all items needed to Slick, the game will "clear itself up" and continue as intended. - I didn't notice this as I solved every single possible quest on the island before making a choice but this could "hurt" those types of players who want to check if you can finish the game in only 1 hour while siding with natives and then their log gets messed up.

2. Although learnt, your hero later forgets monkey training skill for whatever reason. However, you may still use your monkey to loot "secret areas"! But if you talk to a NPC that can train you this skill, you'll have the option to spend 1000 coins again. - I noticed this and it was the reason I went on the official forum in the first place to check it up and of course I'm not giving another 1000 since my monkey is alive and kickin'.

3. For whatever reason Slayne cannot be killed as you were supposed to follow him (and in such cases the game won't allow friendly fire) but you didn't follow him, the following "flag" doesn't wear off and you receive the task to kill him. Since you're "friends" as you were supposed to follow him, now you can't hurt him nor he can hurt you. Possible solutions are: reload the last saved game when you were on another island and replay Antigua, run towards citizens and hit them so they start hitting back both you and Slayne, lure him out of town and let monsters do the dirty work (hopefully you didn't clear everything) or kill him by using console "kill" command (dunno how to do this) - sorry didn't get to this part of the game yet, so no details about it from me, but will go on Antigua next and check it up.

4. Fool's Juice potion won't be added to your inventory when "cooked" - I did unlock potion making but haven't tried to make this specific potion so can't confirm.

And that's about it. There is a gamestopper bug with nonspawning character mentioned in Brother None's review, but so far noone confirmed it so it's perhaps a bug in the review version only.
Even if a few more bugs get discovered, can't remember I've seen a game of this size with less bugs in past 3-4 years.
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