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April 30th, 2012, 17:51
actually if you duel him first then he actually stayed on the ground the entire time while i disabled those 3 cannons. haven't gotten past the first 3 islands yet (went back to caldera instead once i got the ship) but i've also encountered the monkey bug which i think is a problem because most of us are learning the monkey skill when we have the attribute requirement with Largos black pearl earing. i noticed it some point after when i removed it and the skill dropped down that is when it became bugged. its a real bummer about the fools juice concidering that i've hoarded those rare herbs like all other pirahna games and after realizing that that smith gave me a duplicate hilt i reloaded and sure as shit didn't make him those 5 swords for nothing.

all in all after risen being my least favourite pirahna game, only played through it once this is shaping up to be an excellent game and hope it lasts forever…or at least 80-100 hours. around 25 hours at this point.
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