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July 25th, 2018, 15:28
Deep Silver is helping with specific regions; This is identical to deals Larian, Obsidian and several other gaming companies have made. They are not the publisher in the sense that they provided major funding for the game and had a say in the design. @Archangel has done a very nice job of providing links and you should read those links before repeating this claim. You might want to argue (or in your view) save face by repeating that they are the publisher because steam list them as such and in a 1/2 hearted sense I suppose the statement has some validity but most of us refer to publisher as the major funding source that controls the direction of the game which is not the case for the relationship between deep silver and owlcat. There are plenty of games that Deep Silver have funded go find forums on those games and then you can repeat the story for those games with validity to your heart content.

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Deep Silver is listed as the publisher on the store page.
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