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May 22nd, 2019, 20:07
Originally Posted by lackblogger View Post
Complete horseshit.

Yes dear, and if a game chose to have 50 varieties of sword then that could be seen as 'beneficial' by gamers, it just transfers the workload from one part of the game to another.

You are literally saying it yourslef: In Neo Scavengar the developer sacrificed eneny variety. By working from that limitation he then had to devise a way to differentiate enemies so that his game wouldn't be too repetative and boring.
No. Neo Scavenger did not sacrifice enemy variety.
It could do with limited artwork because the gameplay supports characterization through gameplay.
In a fantasy game this is not requred because fantasy games do not put their limitation at the point of character models, character models are the priority. The threat level is indicated by the character model, and that threat level is what monster type one is facing.
Neither. In Neo Scavenger, as already stated, the threat level is also indicated by the character model. Wolfsman's pelt example.

What fails to achieve those fantasy products most of the times, characterization through gameplay. They cant afford limited artwork, contrary to Neo Scavenger.
They must get similar in gameplay things different through the appearance.
Human versus human was the topic raised, and not only that but human versus human in a team focused environment. Any single individual in any situation, either in a game or in real life, is naturally going to have a greater fear threshold than any team of individuals, it's a completely different paradigm. Walking home alone in the dark through a wood on your own versus with just one mate, let alone a whole gang? Understand the difference yet?
And Neo Scavenger was branded with the label of realism… The result of two centuries of institutionalized double standards.
Once again, you're just bull-headedly pushing examples from a single character small roguelike game that has a penchant for realism
Realism that does include the examples taken from real life…
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