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July 14th, 2019, 13:49
Originally Posted by Nereida View Post
I think this debate is quite disgusting in general. One side trying to bait the conversation into "Oh my, what kind of sick person needs to kill kids in a game?!" and people from the other side falling into it and feeling as if they have to make excuses for having a questionable morality, when they are being offended rather than being the offenders.

Either way I'm done with this thread. If anyone can't understand how anything that makes a RPG artificial and rigged is bad and subtracts from the "RPG" term itself (at least for some of us), I'm sorry. I can't help you anymore.
The topic is not "disgusting" unless you are a disgusting person driven by bad morals and the only thing that keeps you from killing kids is that the devs turned on "god mode" for them. Such people is not a majority i believe.

Why is kids taking damage (from enemies, you, environmental hazards) having "questionable morality"? Again, you make no sense. It's obviously you who have a very questionable morality if all you can think of is you/the player killing the children.

How is kids taking damage and being killable (like everyone else) artificial? It's the exact opposite of that.
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