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April 11th, 2009, 23:47
City of God

I rewatched the film and it convinced me it is one of the best crime film ever, not over Godfather maybe, but better than Reservoir Dogs by Tarantino, or even Lock, stock, and two smoking barrels by Guy Ritchie. I read that someone said the movie was like made by the both directors together. Maybe he was right, i did taste some familiarities. Several things that impressed me:

a) realistic portrayal of poverty of the characters, the way the story been told, as well as the filming location or slum environment named "City of God" in Brazil.

b) The gritty world of instant violence and amoral activities

c) the fallout of lacking stable family institution, corrupt government law enforcement.

d) Crime became part of life for young children, or "story of my carefree/nostalgic childhood…" as we often called.

e) cleverly plotted story telling

Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
"Based on a true story" means that Mrs dte was going to drag me to see this one eventually. It wasn't bad. Fairly cliche story, but they did a nice job with the camera work and the actors weren't half bad. The suspense worked pretty well. Worth a rental.
I like the see that film. But i don't trust the part "Based on a true story". Awhile ago i read an article that there are some differences between stories "based on a true story" and " based on actual event/realy story" or something alone the line. Here is different article on those kind of movies article

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Tarsem Singh's The Fall is another visually grand movie,.
Like to see this one aswell. The cell was real visually stylish and unconventional movie as i saw it when it was first out.
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