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August 21st, 2011, 23:52
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Arkham Horror, 1-8 players, best with 4 players
Great game, but doesn't really work on two players, I'm afraid. You need to be at least three to have a chance at winning any other way than beating the awakened in straight ahead combat, which makes most of the game rather pointless.

As for my own reccomendations, first there's Tannhäuser. It might seem expensive, but the production value makes it worth it. Basically, there's two teams, you pick your team of five characters, equip them (two or three options per team member) and then go on to try and take out the other team. Playable on more than two, but there are still two teams so two players works best. There's an expansion that I've heard is great as well (which I just bought but haven't played yet), and you can buy new characters to make picking your team more interesting. If you like combat this is a really good game.

Rickochet Robots is a favorite game of mine, but I'm not sure it's quite what you're looking for. It's more of a math game where you're supposed to try and find the quickest way (IE in the least moves) to get a robot to a certain point. Or, rather, to find a quicker path than your opponent before you run out of time. Requires quick thinking, keeping several paths in your head at once and an ability to combind robots to get them where you want. Incredibly fun if you like math and logic. Definently not a strategy game though.

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