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January 4th, 2012, 08:49
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I found Vicky 2 to be a lot better for the larger nations (anything of equal size of larger than Sweden), due to the increased possibilities for automation and the fact that it is a lot easier to get a general overview of whats going on in your country. On the other hand, I found Vicky 1 to be better for the smaller nations (equal or smaller than Sweden), as you usually have a bit more to do.

And why is Sweden always the base line nation in Paradox games (well apart from HoI)? Are they really so self centered that they have to make Sweden one of the most playable and manageable nations?
Depends , i find it to be much more fun with smaller ones, specially with countries in my region (the Balkans) with the decaying Ottos everything is possible …
In my Serbia game i produce so much timber / paper / furniture ( always in shortage late game) that my economy rocks while only running 3 expanded factories .
Bigger nations have to fight wars all over the globe and this is kind of annoying, colonial ones are strange , in my Chile game like 60% of the population was Manchu lol.
I am an old Paradox games fan and i think Sweden is well made in most of them , specially in Vicky 2 where they start as a large independent nation there are no many of them in the continent.
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