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July 23rd, 2018, 19:35
Originally Posted by Kordanor View Post
I wouldn't say it dumbs the game down. It just shifts the decision of which ability to chose away from the combat itself towards combat preparation.
Whether or not that's a good decision is up to debate. As mentioned before I like the idea, but would rather have 5 abilities instead of 3. Also some abilities just make no sense with this concept. For example there is one abilitiy which was called all in or something like that, which was basically a desparation attack when your group is about to die. This would make sense in a game without this ability limitation, but not in a game where you conciously have to decide to take an ability which is only useful if you plan to die a lot. Which basically reduces it's use to combats where you don't see a way to beat without savecumming.
Hm. so just be be sure: you can only select 3 abilities dynamically, in combat, to be active, OR before combat starts, you have to select 3 abilities? If its the second case, that's really something I hate, and have complained about in several other recent games….
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