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January 21st, 2010, 18:47
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I chose Dragon Age. Strangely its the one with the most votes, i was expecting barely no one would pick it as the most disapointing of 2009 because of the so many good reviews out there.

For my reasons as to chose it:

a) The Dialog options are extremely boring. Most of the time i already knew what the NPC was about to talk even before he opened his mouth, meaning the whole thing is terribly predictable.

b) The companions "respect level up" is extremely fake. You just need to give gifts and talk to them when you surpass a certain number in his "respect bar" for new dialog options and thats it. Its a good concept but all in all, its extremely predictable aswell. The only exception is with Morrigan when most of the time you are not realy expecting how she would react to a certain dialog (most fun relation in the game for me).

c) The combat has a lot of flaws and unbalances. The whole mage game-play is terribly overpowered but not fun. Its overpowered when you play CC, and boring because you cant go all-out in flames blazing due to agro issues.

d) You can end the game in hard dificulty SOLO with a mage, naked, with no potions (mind you, in a Group-based RPG…)

e) YOu can end the game solo in normal dificulty with some classes (again, in a group-based game)

f) The graphics are terribly bad. They are. Realy. Do a close-up and you'll see the terribly low poly-count.

g) unbelievable low number of max-level armor/weapons for some classes.

The game is good in some aspects like its lenght, the cut-scenes, the sense of exploration and epicness, but all in all, its a very shallow game in my opinion.

If i had to choose, i would give a 80-82% to put it in prespective. When i saw 95% scores i was so hyped i even took some days-off from work to play it on the launch week. In the end, i was disapointed. A lot.
And this is why I'm afraid of forking up the cash for DA - I'm afraid it will be like every other Bio game since BG2.
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