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November 7th, 2020, 14:44
The lo-fi NPC portraits have become a significant part of SW's visual identity. And recently I have started to use artificially created human faces instead of real photos. For this I am using a service called https://generated.photos/use-cases and when they learned about my game, they reached out to me to learn more and later added Space Wreck to their use case section, which, I think is pretty cool for a small project this game is.

Here's excerpt that lists reasons why are we starting to do this:

It is not easy to find a suitable portrait for every character in the game, especially since we have a limited budget and cannot afford models and photo shoots. Even though we have a pool of photos to work with, sometimes you need something very specific - ethnicity, hair, age - and the right angle. That can be a big problem and the one that Generated Photos solves well - you can specify quite detailed parameters and then have a selection of consistent portraits to choose from. And another less common but important aspect is that there are times when we need to portray less than admirable characters, and then it is safer and worry-free to use artificial "actors"."
Below are some of those generated photos in game:

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