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September 13th, 2020, 07:54

Sneak peek into the new …uh….sneak peek system. Principle is simple: the better your sneak skill, the smaller NPC detection area. If you step into their FOV, roll for each tile.


Actually, it's the difference between your sneak skill and NPC's PERCEPTION attribute that determines the extent of the FOV field. However, when you step into the FOV, your sneak is rolled against NPC's FOCUS. Then there's also the concept of alertness - NPCs can have level of alertness and what it means is that sneak roll has to fail multiple times before NPC spots you. The less alert they are, the more forgiving they are (hence FOCUS). Also, if you are sneaking past some non-hostile humanoids, your CHARM plays a role as well - it decreases or increases NPCs alertness depending on how charming you are. If you are likable person (high CHARM), they will be more lenient, however if you are repulsive bastard (low CHARM), they'll be looking over your shoulder all the time.
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