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October 3rd, 2020, 20:17

Major changes to the combat flow - now there are no "basic" attacks anymore - you always have to make a decision as there are multiple options with nuances. Kind of like JRPG a bit.


In the GIF you can see two ranged options: STEADY SHOT and QUICK SHOT. This whole combat rework stems from the combat problem in Fallout - at some point I realized that the best strategy is to run to your enemy close and then shoot her/him/it in the eyes. Max out precision and damage. While it does not take away from the enjoyment of Fallout, I decided to try to mitigate this problem in my version. That's where the STEADY SHOT and QUICK SHOT flow comes in.

STEADY SHOT is actually your base shot, without any modifiers. (At least, at the moment.) It is quite deadly if successful (a lot of damage and char HP is usually low). But the caveat is - you can use it only if you are standing still, actually, if it is your first action in the turn. As soon as you spend some AP, you cannot have STEADY SHOT that turn. You can shoot and then move, sure, but shot must come first. The logic being that you must be steady when discharging a weapon, not moving or reloading or smth.

QUICK SHOT however is available at any time, yet it is less efficient (half the precision or damage - I am working it out atm). But then, again, it costs only half the AP of a STEADY SHOT, so you could squeeze twice as many in one turn.

So, if you see an enemy, you now have the option to either shoot it from the distance or run closer to it and then attack with better hit chance. However, if you do so, your damage/precision would be significantly limited and, if you fail to land the killing shot, you will find yourself in compromised position close to the enemy who now can just take a full power/precision STEADY SHOT at you (which could kill you instantly). And then retreat with spare APs. On the other hand, if you keep your distance and try STEADY SHOT, you engage with an enemy in a firefight which - to me at least - seems a bit more realistic and interesting. That's also where your skill prowess comes in handy - if you have higher RANGED skill or/and PERCEPTION, you'll have an edge. Then, again, if you have a lot of AP and EVASION, you might still try rushing an enemy, because you could do a lot of QUICK SHOT's per turn and just overwhelm your opponent with bullets.

That's my reasoning. And that's actually the whole point I changed the system to JRPG-like combat menu. Those now offer more possibilities, not only for shots but MELEE skill as well. But more about those some other time.
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