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June 13th, 2019, 17:32
I'm hardly a Gibson fanboy. The guy is a bit of douche. And Neuromancer or Johnny Mneumonic, the first short story, wasn't written in a bubble. Punk (rock) cynicism regarding the future took over in the late '70's after the popularity of the book Futureshock which critiqued the hippy movement by showing it's logical extremes. It was also dated in it's own time with its paranoid Reagan-era fear of corporate take over of society including the laughable takeover of the West by Japan. Again, see my link on Moebius' The Long Tomorrow.

I'm just pushing back on the cacophony on the web who criticize his comments just because they never heard of him. Its not so different from people defending the plagiarism of Led Zeppelin because they never heard the great blues musicians they stole from until they were sued. His opinion is noteworthy because he invented the genre. Bruce Bethke, who invented the term, certainly believes that. But success has many fathers; failure is an orphan.
Originally Posted by Bruce Bethke
IMPORTANT POINT ! I never claimed to have invented cyberpunk fiction ! That honor belongs primarily to William Gibson, whose 1984 novel, Neuromancer, was the real defining work of "The Movement" (at the time, Mike Swanwick argued that the movement writers should properly be termed neuromantics, since so much of what they were doing was clearly imitation Neuromancer).
Thanks for the updated quote. I've been looking for one. Which trailor was that for by the way, and when was the comment? Do you have links?
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