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January 12th, 2009, 08:16
Just to let you know an adventure/rpg game wouldn't work with self made characters and you need to have pre-generated characters. You should be able to modity stats and if class isn't important to the character or storyline then that should be able to be changed also. With an adventure game the main character needs a pre-existing personality except in the case the company wants to spend a huge amount of money and time creating storylines and dialog for every type of character that you could possibly create.

In a rpg the storyline and dialog doesn't need to be catered to each specific type of character. Quests are usually either specifically catered to a certain type of character and you do the quest if you are that type, have small variations to give variety on how you do it to cater to your character type, or are generic so that all character types fit with the quest.

PS. The main difference bettween adventure and rpg games is that adventure games are more like interactive movies with little need for an imagination and rpgs are mainly based on having a structure to use your imagination in. When it comes to this game it is an adventure game that brings in parts of the rpg genre. The game has far less use of your imagination but unlike standard adventure games there is more. For example your stats are just numbers in the game but when you apply your imagination you imagine you high strength little of everything else fighter as a muscle bound fighter. The character may be something created by the creator of the game but the stats you gange yourself make that character into what you want him/her to be.

I know you probably know all of this already but unless you didn't read that they want this game as a Quest for Glory styled game with a Monkey Island twist the concerns about not being able to create your own character didn't apply to this game since this is an adventure/rpg and has different mechanics then a standard rpg.

PS. If I am wrong please disregard this post.
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