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December 16th, 2020, 21:30
Originally Posted by forgottenlor View Post
. I still like the current look much better than the cartoony WOW look they initially wanted to implement.
It was supposed to be similar to Final Fantasy Tactic's. So Wow graphics was not the original idea, and they even lost the famous creative director Yasumi Matsuno.

He was never paid or even signed up with Little Orbit it was a lie.
This article does the history of this project very little justice. Playdek went beyond scamming the kickstarter backers, quite literally everything they promised they failed at, and then as a cherry on the cake they completely changed the game entirely from a FFT inspired game to a multiplayer game. Then they abandoned it completely after they spent all the money on other projects. That is why Little Orbit trashed everything that came from Playdek.

Little Orbit has, in theory, gone back to the original design documents that supposedly came from Yasumi Matsuno. However, who really knows how much involvement he really had. He certainly has zero involvement since that very start before the kickstarter even happened.

I'll cross my fingers, but have little hope. That is far more hope than I have for Project Phoenix though.
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