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January 20th, 2022, 01:10
From what I understand, Myrthos asks for deltas, not our top 5 - that will be for the vote itself. I may be wrong though.

I agree with Colony Ship too, but did they intend to release it in 2022? If they had a timetable, I lost track of it.

I was expecting Atomic Heart to be higher since there was some enthusiasm about it, but there are already a number of good titles up there. Let's just see if others think the same.

To add to other comments,
  • About S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 & System Shock (Remake), they may not be "pure RPG" if such a notion exists, but I'm afraid that if we go down that route we'll eject many other titles and start arguing for weeks. RPG is a very volatile definition, we should probably trust our list at this point.
  • I was wondering about Expeditions: Rome too the other day, but it's a list for 2021.
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