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January 27th, 2022, 22:26
Originally Posted by Redglyph View Post
Something I'd like to add: I think that the demo is not representative of the gaming experience, unfortunately, except the combat part with low-levelled characters. There's barely any story at all. So that won't really help you decide if you're more story-oriented.

Then there is the character build to consider, since I believe it's something important for you. It is lighter in Rome than Viking, as you've already seen. I wonder if that wouldn't bother you more than the story / dialogue aspect of the game.
Good to hear the full release is more story heavy than the demo made out to be

Character build is indeed very important to me (as part of RPing rather than just combat survivability) - I generally like playing support class but I may pass on that in Rome because of how female characters are treated. Probably a charismatic spy/rogue like character will suit more I think.

Edit: in terms of which I value more - that's tough to say. Both story and character bullding have to be at least up to certain standard for me to enjoy the game - from what I've seen in Rome demo, character building also fell short of what I want but I guess its because the demo only showcased combat as you mentioned earlier.
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